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Token Economy.

Introducing the blockpit(TAX) Token

The TAX token acts as a so-called “Application Access Token”. You need to acquire the token in order to use the Blockpit platform. The goal is to offer an open and fair ecosystem which offers higher benefits to those who extensively use it and keeps costs low for those who just need the essentials.

By buying and locking up token in the Blockpit account menu, limits on the amount of reports can be lifted and additional features will be unlocked. Staking a higher number of token results in a higher limit on transactions and simultaneous imports.

The cost of Blockpits' services will adjust to a fluctuating token valuation. This could reward early supporters while keeping entry levels fair.

Blockchain Agnostic Asset.

The Blockpit Token will work on multiple blockchains, not just as an ERC20 token as common in most cases. The NEM blockchain will be supported from the start and further platforms will follow. It will be possible to do an Atomic Swap between blockchains in the Blockpit account menu.

Token distribution

Tokensale (70%)
Future development & liquidity (15%)
pre-ICO contributors(7%)
Team & advisors(5%)
Bounties (3%)

0.10 €

Price per Token

12.5 M

Hardcap in €

3 M
7.5 M
12.5 M



25.000 €

min. Contribution



500 €

min. Contribution



0 €

min. Contribution


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Our Partners.

Our Taskforce.

Core Team.

Florian Wimmer
Forbes 30 Under 30. KPMG Alumni. Crypto trader since 2015. Diploma in Media Technology and five years work experience in digital marketing.
Mathias Maier
Crypto trader since 2013. Serial entrepreneur, passionate coder and keen on new technologies. Diploma in Interactive Media and Software Development.
Lukas Krainz
Social media expert, startup strategist and published author. Successful community developer with abundant experience in community growth.
Gerd Karlhuber
10+ years experience in IT consulting. Certified information systems auditor, specialized in data analytics and cyber security.
Patric Stadlbauer
Certified tax advisor and chartered accountant with more than 10 years of experience. Diploma in Economics.
Gert Weidinger
Economics expert with 20+ years experience in financial audit firms, specialized in forensics. Certified tax advisor and business angel.

Extended Team.

Our Advisors.

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Frequently asked questions

We provide answers to common questions about the tokensale here. If you have further questions, do not hesitate to contact us in our Telegram channel channel

How can I participate in the Blockpit Tokensale?

Every participant will have to register an account with the Blockpit platform. To be eligibile to join the tokensale, users need to perform a KYC process. This will be possible within the account menu as soon as whitelisting starts. We will inform all of our users about every step in the participation process in a timely manner.

What is the Presale Bonus and how do I get it?

Whitelisted participants will be able to set their proposed contribution amount in their account menu within the KYC process. During the first 24 hours of the crowdsale, whitelisted users who contribute their proposed amount will be eligible to claim a +20% token bonus. In order to be considered for the bonus, a minimum contribution of token worth 500 € is necessary.

When will the token be tradeable on an exchange?

We plan to get the token listed on multiple exchanges as soon as we can after the crowdsale ends. Exchange negotiations are ongoing, but announcements about token listings will not be made until the token gets listed to avoid insider manipulation.

What cryptocurrencies can I use to purchase?

We accept Bitcoin, Ether and Xem in the crowdsale.

How can I participate in the Privatesale?

The privatesale is for contributors who seek to invest larger sums into the project on a long-term basis. If this applies to you, please fill out a short survey to become an applicant for the privatesale.

When does the privatesale start and when does it end?

The privatesale is already ongoing. It will be possible to apply and take part until September 30th.

What are the terms and conditions of the privatesale?

All privatesale contributors are to be approved by us before they can take part. Privatesale contributions start at a minimum amount of 25.000 €. Contributors are eligible to claim a bonus of up to +50% , depending on the size and individual terms and conditions of their contribution. A maximum of 30 million token (worth 3 million Euro) will be allocated for the bonus.

What currencies or crypto can I use to purchase the token?

We accept Euro, Dollar, Bitcoin, Ether and Xem in the privatesale. A customized buy/exchange contract will be set up for every privatesale contribution.